Feb 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauren!

And because today is Lauren's b-day... I wanted to do and tell you something more about her and me! 
Probably you're thinking what is she talking about, am I right?

My Sweet Pearls Photo by ME

In 2010, while I was in New York, Lauren launched her Lauren Conrad Style book and role model that she is for me I went to the book signing at Barnes&Noble in Upper East Side, and so I took some pictures of her and I had an autographed book by her!!!! OMG! Since I just remember it, I get crazy! You can check more, here.

It was a dream coming true for me! I met Lauren Conrad, my fashion icon, role model and someone I admire a lot for everything she does. I "follow" her since my high-school days when Laguna Beach started! I can say that she was part of my teenage years! It was for sure one of the best days of my life! Tomorrow, I'll show you her autograph on my book! 
It's something that I keep looking just to make sure that it was real, that I wasn't dreaming at all!

Also, Team Lauren posted today on her official website this picture from her 9th birthday and she looks so sweet making a wish that I had to share with you!

Lauren Conrad Official Website




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