Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

From a couple of years ago since I first experienced a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with native americans, this day became very special for me!
Since then, in my house we're celebrating just like it was... Perfect! It really was a dinner that thouched me. All that spirit, happiness, share, union, everyone around the table having our moment, eating turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin bread, green beans... oh, so many things! It was so amazing that I want to repeat that moment and feelings every year! The best part... give thanks after dinner for everything we're thankful for on that year that we just went through, for what we are, have and what we achieved!
After I told my family how it was, they were really impressed and loved the meaning and so we're celebrating it! Everybody loves it!

It's a day that we share and enjoy with our family a great dinner, amazing decoration! It's a family night! It's our first Christmas of the year!

Well, in Portugal we don't celebrate this holiday as well as in almost every country (only in USA, Canada and I think some other countries in America but not in the same day), so we don't have the day-off from work and school and so we do have to work all day and we also don't have the amazing Black Friday. So, for us in time it's a little complicated but I believe that if we really like and enjoy this holiday, we always make an effort to make it the best! And so in my house, we start preparing Thanksgiving Dinner in the previous day with all the desserts. Me and my mom in the kitchen cooking and baking all those wonderful things for the next day while planning the evening just like Christmas in Portugal! Maybe, some of you might ask why do I celebrate this american things? But, I always had a connection with the american culture! It's so magical for me!! =)

But, does anybody knows what this holiday means? It's not only about food and american things that a lot of people can think. It's more than that... you can check the story here, it's beautifull but also a sad story. That's where it came all the tradition.

Ok, but maybe you're asking how do I celebrate Thanksgiving??

You can always check how was my first Thanksgiving here. A tip... it had Macy's Parade! Evertime I remember that day... it was so amazing!!

Tonight, this will be the menu...

Roasted turkey
Sweet Potatoes Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Bread (also made for today's breakfast)
Pumpkin Pie

Tomorrow, more pictures about the day or you can also check my twitter account!

But, I leave you some from inspiration! I take so many ideas for the table decor from this pictures!! =)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Sorry for the length of this post...
Hope you liked it!

Nov 9, 2012

2012 VS Fashion Show - The Big Day


Yesterday morning, the world woke up with the pictures from the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and even following on twitter all the steps until the show began, I wasn't able to post anything yesterday morning but I'm glad because there was so many pictures showing up on the internet and social networks during the day that i had the opportunity to choose the best ones for you!

Plus, I do have a video at the end of the post where you can check the backstage and a sneak peek of the performances!! =P Who's your friend?? Happy??
This glamourous, sexiest and funniest show took place at New York's Lexington Avenue Armory and had the performances of Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Justin Bieber with the angels and I can't wait to watch on Dec. 4th all the magic and happiness these girls give.
Yesterday me and my sister were talking about their fashion shows - while watching again last year's show - and one truly thing is that these girls have the time of their lives doing this, they have so much fun, they are really happy and passionate doing this every year. They glow everywhere!
They are all so pretty and sweet - and skinny! - with great make-ups, hair, tan... I have to confess that besides loving them all, I do have my favorite: Miranda Kerr, she's the most pretty, fun, sweet, humble and natural girl! But then there's Erin, with such a sweet face, the brazillian girls - Alessandra and Adriana, Candice with that waist and all body... Well, I definitely can't pick one... =) What's your favorite?
I'm not going to tell much more about because I've already said on the last post and I think you already know how much I love and dream with Victoria's Secret!! =)

So... Take a look at the stunning girls  - I love them! - and those amazing outfits!
Hope you like it!

Nov 7, 2012

2012 VS Fashion Show

Today is going to be recorded the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and while we wait to watch on December 4th, I leave you some pictures from last year where it really is magic! Common, who are those girls?? They really are "bomb shells"!

Don't come to tell me that you're not that into it! Who's the girl that would never wanted to be just like them?

I've been watching the shows for 3 or 4 years from now on TV (portuguese TV, on CBS 2 years ago and youtube last year) and every year they surprise more and more with amazing performances and amazing lingerie and wings! Can't wait to see all that glamour and fantasy and colorful looks that makes me wishing for all those weet pieces! This year the brazilian topmodel Alessandra Ambrosio will walk the runway with the 2.5 million dollar bra following Miranda Kerr's last year with the performance of Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars!

This will promise ladies!

Check last year's Fashion Show!


Nov 3, 2012

Happy Weekend!


Finally weekend is here, two days to get some rest and even with bad weather expected we have to enjoy it anyway, one way or another. I do have some plans, but it's just only plans until it realises! =)

From grocery to bake, movies and dinners out, let's cross for fun!

Finalmente o fim-de-semana está aí com dois diazinhos para descansar e mesmo com o mau tempo que é esperado por cá temos de o aproveitar de uma maneira ou de outra. Eu tenho algumas planos, mas que por enquanto continuam como planos até se realizarem! =)

Das compras da casa à cozinha, filmes e jantares fora, vamos torcer para que seja divertido!

Chase & Status - Time (Queensway Remix) / maffashion

wear a swingy skirt in a bright color for fall






Have a stylish weekend!


Nov 2, 2012

Paper Crown Holiday 2012 Collection


LC Team just revealled Paper Crown's Holiday 2012 Collection and here it is my favorite pieces - almost everything - but ladies, we can definitely expect some glitter and although we have more basic colors, this is something very similar to Lauren's style and to something we're used to see on. We can also expect a lot of fluid pieces, leather and lace.
Am I wrong that you're already loving everything?

Here you have a sneak-peak of the collection where Lauren and her team never disappoint! Those pieces are very simple, girly, classy and detailed! Paper Crown collection is for sure getting better season by season! I know I can be very doubtful because I love everything Lauren does and in what she is involved but I have the opinion that with these clothes we can't go wrong and look bad, don't you think? My bad - our bad - we can't have it here in Portugal... Still, we're gonna wait until someone remembers us!

E não é que a equipa da LC acabou de revelar a Holiday Collection da Paper Crown para 2012 e, como é normal aqui no blogue, eu já escolhi as minhas peças favoritas - enfim, são quase todas... Ladies, com esta colecção podemos esperar, sem dúvida, peças com muito brilho, glitter e embora de cores básicas são todas elas muito ao estilo da Lauren e ao que estamos habituadas a ver. Podemos, ainda, esperar peças fluídas, peles e rendas.
Acho que com isto já estão a gostar, não?
Hoje, deixo-vos um sneak-peak da colecção confirmando assim a tese de que a Lauren e a sua equipa nunca nos desapontam! As peças criadas são peças simples, muito femininas, elegantes e detalhadas, verificando claramente na colecção da Paper Crown uma melhoria estação após estação! Eu sei que posso ter uma opinião duvidosa porque já adoro a Lauren em tudo o que ela faz - não fosse eu ter ido ter com ela numa sessão de autógrafos no lançamento do livro "Style" e horas à espera, mas eu acho que com estas peças nunca ficamos mal e ficaremos sempre prontas e perfeitas para sair de casa, não acham? Pena a minha - a nossa - que não temos acesso aqui em Portugal... Ficamos, assim, à espera que cá cheguem e se lembrem de nós!

Nov 1, 2012

RECIPE | Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies


When this season arrives, I love everything that involves apple, cinnamon, pumpkin and now even more when it involves salt and caramel! It's really delicious!

So a couple of weeks ago I found this amazing recipe here and so tried to do it on a Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you it was an amazing idea and everybody but trully every single person loved it! At first we always think something that mixes salt and caramel will not be very good but you're wrong if you're thinking that! Then you always ask for more!

Today, I'm sharing with you this amazing recipe that maybe looks difficult to do but it's very easy, in a little bit more than an hour it's ready to taste! Yummi!

Quando chega esta altura do ano, adoro tudo o que envolva maçãs, canela, abóbora e agora ainda mais quando envolve sal e caramelo! É que é mesmo bom!!

Há umas semanas atrás encontrei esta maravilhosa receita aqui e por isso, experimentei fazê-la num Domingo à tarde. Deixem-me que vos diga que foi uma excelente ideia e toda a gente, mas literalmente toda a gente que provou ADOROU! Ao princípio não há quem não fique reticente quanto à mistura do sal e do caramelo numa receita, mas estão errados, depois prova-se e pede-se por mais!

Com isto, hoje tenho para partilhar convosco esta receita que pode parecer complicada, mas é super fácil de fazer e demora não muito mais que uma hora para poderem provar! Yummi!

Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!


Ok, I know we are on the end of the month, I didn't post anything to you - I wish I could! - but once October is ending and today is a party day - HALLOWEEN, I'm leaving you some pictures to get you the mood for the day and of course for the night!
In Portugal, last years we're partying more than usual and doing it more tradicional than ever but we don't really see that much in the streets or stores and houses. In my place we don't party but we always have to pumpkin carve and also decorate our house with some cute Halloween stuff! Oh... and where I live we always have those kids ringing the bell going"Trick or treating?", having fun all night, screaming... doing kids' things! =)

One of our pumpkins at home! =) Mom did it!

Love this picture!
Which plans you have for tonight? Do you usually party on this day? If so, what is gonna be your costume?

I'll post you tonight some of those halloween things on twitter, so stay tuned!

Happy or Scary Halloween!!


Oct 1, 2012


October is here and a month full of activities is planned! Who's ready and excited for this month?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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Pinned Image


Sep 26, 2012

2012 Emmy Awards


I know I am a little bit late I usually comment every red carpet for the awards and this won't be different, right? So, who have seen the 64th Emmy Awards this Sunday? Which one was your favorite? And the best dressed goes to...

Eu sei que estou um nadinha atrasada, mas como normalmente costumo comentar todas as red carpet dos prémios entregues, desta vez não será diferente, certo? Por isso, quem é que viu a 64ª Cerimónia dos Emmys este Domingo? Qual foi o vosso vencedor preferido? Alguma série que gostem em particular? E o melhor vai para...








Which ones are your favorites?? 
I can't really pick my favorite one... but probably if I could choose a few it would be the yellow and the orange ones but maybe some blues and the Chanel white/purple too (it's amazing!)! I'm still in a summer mood!

Qual foi o vosso preferido?
Eu não consigo escolher um só... mas escolheria os tons amarelos e laranjas e ainda talvez um ou outro azul e ah... o branco e lilás da Chanel (é lindo!)! Acho que realmente ainda estou com um summer mood


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